Do you travel a lot or usually head to coffee shops, restaurants and other places looking for free internet access? Then you really need to read this post. You might already be aware of the security breaches that happen when you access a free Wi-Fi hotspot. To overcome that what do you do? Use a free VPN so that your confidential data doesn’t leak out? But there are times that you can still leak data.

Yes, you read that right! If you are concerned about this leaking of your data on public WiFI then here’s a device that you must look into: “InvizBox Go“. This project is listed over Kickstarter looking to raise around €100,000 to kick-off.

What exactly is InvizBox Go?

InvizBox Go

InvizBox Go is a tiny little device that serves as a VPN tunnel to secure your connections, acts as a power source for portable devices, enhances the strength of your Wi-Fi. The device lets you connect with the Wi-Fi hotspots around you securing you in every possible way. Traditional VPN services on your device need time to start after you have connected to the WiFi. In between that time your device can leak out valuable information.
InvizBox Go users don’t have to install any software on their computer, smartphone or any other device while the device itself downloads required updates automatically.InvizBox Go

A major problem that we face with VPN services is speed. With InvizBox Go, you are provided with a premium subscription to surf internet in blazing fast speed. It also allows you to browse any site or content that has been blocked by your ISP. Additionally, its database has been loaded with a list of known ad providers so that it stops those ads providing you easy and hassle free surfing.

InvizBox Go also acts as a Wi-Fi extender, which is the most important issue I usually face. I have setup my Wi-Fi device at one corner of my house and if I jump to the other corner, the connection drops off eventually, but with InvizBox Go you can remove this issue as it acts as a WiFi extender in your home so you are up and running anywhere. Besides this it can also be used to top up the battery on your portable device when needed so that it really acts like a mother to you who feeds in each and everything when you move out 😉

InvizBox Go charging

Being an open source project, it’s undoubtedly a project that can easily be used without any fear. Also, if you are connected to InvizBox Go, it will elevate all HTTP requests to HTTPS requests if possible, it comes with an optional Windows 10 domain tracking blocking feature which will not leak any information out. With a fully responsive web interface, InvizBox team is working to provide you with the best in class responsive interface so that you can easily update any settings directly from your smartphone or tablet  without heading to the laptop.

Below is a video explaining the device.

Check out the Kickstarter page to get more detailed and better information. We look forward to the success of InvizBox Go.