If you are searching for the ultimate device bag, then the iBackPack might be worth a lot more investigation as it features a wealth of technology in order to help you throughout your day time, including Wi-Fi connectivity, electric battery packs, GPS and many associated with USB ports and much more.

Developed by Doug Monahan the particular iBackPack has been produced to provide users along with a next-generation backpack that is also equipped along with a Bluetooth speaker, antitheft system as well as its own mobile friend application that is backed by Android and iOS devices.

iBackPack Image

Watch the movie below to learn a lot more about the characteristics and connection of the iBackPack that serves as the perfect device bag for both vacations or daily commutes. The particular iBackPack project is presently over the Indiegogo masses funding website and has already raised enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production, thanks to over 1,200 backers and over $282,000 in funding.

So if you think iBackPack is something you could benefit from, visit the Indiegogo website now to make a pledge and help iBackPack become a reality and make a pledge from $199 to own one of the very first off the production line via the link below.