Yu Yuphoria Root Process

Micromax launched the new Yu Yureka handset on 28th of May over Amazon, Even I was the first one to grab that phone in the first sale. Being member of many Yuphoria groups I saw many guys tried rooting there devices and got there devices bricked so here is some tips and tricks to root your Yuphoria easily.


*YU Yuphoria at least 70-80% charged

*Usb cable.

*A PC or a laptop with Windows (not a geek in Linux but possible if you know command shell)

*adb fastboot files.

*adb driver 1.4 (Many failed to detect their device due to its missing).

*Any recovery for Yuphoria.suggest Doomlords one.Twrp and Cmw available.

*Brain 😉

*Patience 😉



*Never ever follow your own method or try anything silly.

*Only Use links below to download necessities.

*Never try to unplug while in fastboot while running any fastboot command. (Be Patient till the work is done).

*Don’t try to root without Pc method as for now…


This procedure may wipe the /data partition of your phone, so you will lose all your stored data, settings.




There are #3 main steps to root Yuphoria

Before this please note to disable Driver Signature Verifications in Windows (Google it).

And to install adb driver 1.4 from below link.


Step1: Unlock Bootloader

*Download the adb fastboot files from below link copy it to C:\ or C\:(anyfolder)

*Open Settings, move on to About Phone and tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options.

*Turn Developer Options ON and enable USB Debugging too!

*Power down phone

*While pressing VOLUME UP key connect the phone to PC/Laptop via USB cable

*You will get a screen on your phone which says “Fastboot mode”

*Device drivers will get installed by windows (please wait for the driver installation to complete)

*After driver installation is done go to the folder where you have extracted the package

(If drivers were not properly installed go to device manager select android device and update driver.)

*Pressing the SHIFT key right click in the folder and select “Open command prompt here”

*Now a Command Prompt window will open up

*Type the following command to check if the device was detected in fastboot mode

fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices

If drivers were properly installed it will not show errors or something like <waiting for devices>.

*Now run the following command:

fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock

it shows downloading,finished in this much seconds etc..

*Now reboot from fastboot mode and thats it: You have unlocked the bootloader to do modifications on recovery.

fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot


Let’s proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Hot boot (temporary flashing) or Flash recovery (permanent flashing will erase stock recovery)

*Make sure that the device has unlocked bootloader

*Reboot into bootloader/fastboot mode

adb reboot bootloader


Power down phone and keeping the VOLUME UP key connect the phone to PC/Laptop via USB cable

*Download any of the recoveries

Suggest Doomlords recovery, download it from below

IF you need twrp or cwm links are provided below.

*Paste the recovery file in the folder or drive containing adb fastboot files.

Hotbooting is way of temporarily introducing a custom recovery in your recovery partition.

As soon as you reboot your device, the custom recovery will be replaced by stock cyanogens recovery.

*Hotboot the hacked recovery kernel using the command.

fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot DooMLoRD-YUPHORIA-Hacked_CWM-v1.img

(For cwm or twrp rename “DooMLoRD-YUPHORIA-Hacked_CWM-v1.img” with the given name of the file” .img”)

The above command will boot your yuphoria into hacked recovery or twrp or cwm which you have downloaded.

Be patient sometimes it will take a minute or two.

If it’s not booting into recovery by itself,disconnect from pc ,remove battery and try to hotboot again (NO problem in doing so )

Hotbooting works only about 65%-70-% in windows due driver signature problems. (patience is the key here.)


**If Working can proceed to step#3 of the guide


So i suggest flashing Cwm or twrp permanently if you are not waiting for ota AND WANT TO ROOT AND TRY CUSTOM ROMS.

Note: Flashing command permanently replaces stock cyanogen recovery to the one you flashed.

*Copy the cwm-recovery or twrp-recovery file to the folder where you extracted adb_fastboot.

Using the same old method, go to fastboot mode and open command prompt. Now, type the following command.


fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img

For twrp use

fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery twrp.img

The above command will replace stock recovery with the flashed one.

*Now reboot from fastboot mode {}

fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot

*Shut down {}

*Press and hold volume down & power button to boot into recovery (cwm or twrp).{}

NOTE in some cases the flashing command will automatically boot into flashed recovery.

In that case you may not have to do steps marked “{}”.


Step#3: Flash SuperSU.zip

Please download and place SuperSu zip from below link in sdcard or internal

Now that you are in cwm recovery or any recovery, to flash SuperSu zip on your device, you need to follow these steps-

*Select ‘Install zip from sd card’ and navigate to the place where you copied the SuperSU file.

*Now, select ‘Yes’. It will flash the SuperSU zip on your phone.

*You should now have root access on your phone.

*Press back and reboot.


After rooting, it is recommended to install Busybox.

Download Busybox installer app from play store and follow the instructions to install it.

Congratulations, you’ve rooted your Yu Yuphoria! Enjoy! 😀


Downloads [Important]

*adb fastboot files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1b5nchiv4etqcj6/ADB+and+Fastboot+%28compressed%29.zip

*adb driver 1.4: http://sourceforge.net/projects/leshcatlabs/files/adb-USB/Android_adb-USB_UnifL_Driver_v1.14.exe/download

*Doomlords Hacked recovery: http://doomlord.xperia-files.com/download.php?dlid=RG9vTUxvUkQtWVVQSE9SSUEtSGFja2VkX0NXTS12MQ%3D%3D

*CWM recovery: http://www.mediafire.com/download/75er2lfw2munt9b/Yu+Yuphoria+Rooting+Kit+-+The+Techno+Triad.zip

(please extract the zip to find the yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img)

*Twrp recovery: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwVitsnY-WxvX0Z1RjdXUHRXN28/view?pli=1

*SuperSU.zip: https://download.chainfire.eu/696/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip


Credits: Gautham Prakash


P.s.. Its an educational guide we have no responsibilities for any damage or anythings Have fun!! 😀


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