Sony PlayStation 4

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, companies started to calculate the sales figures and in that Sony’s Playstation 4 and been the top selling console in the US.

Despite Sony has faced a lot of challenges when Microsoft launched Xbox One and managed to outrank the sales figures. But now Sony has managed to grab the top spot again and has sold more Playstation 4 consoles in the US in November than Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The exact report has been revealed by NPD Group, which claims that November was the best month for console industry where total hardware sales grew 11 percent to $1.12 billion, contributing to 2% sales rise in overall industry although software sales were down 7% at retail.

Eric Lempel, SVP Marketing Sony comments that “PlayStation 4 is the top selling console in the United States during NovemberSony PlayStation 4 according to NPD, and company has hit several milestones over the last few weeks.” Sony claims that they have sold more than 30.2 million PS4 before Black Friday and Black Friday sales were the strongest in Playstation history.

NPD’s observer Liam Callahan found that Gamers are willing to spend more amount on the newest games available and it’s been recorded that the top 10 games sold 8 percent more units and dollars compared to the same top 10 list in the previous year. And he also adds that since the companies rolled out a new version of the top selling games under the special edition cover that boosted the sales even more.

It would be an interesting thing to watch which of the two consoles ends up being the most popular in the Christmas (December). Right now it’s clearly visible that Sony’s Playstation 4 is outranking Microsoft’s Xbox one completely.