Are you a Sci-Fi concept fan, who wishes to go out into a world which is full of futuristic technology and extraterrestrial life? Then this is going to be epic news for you recently Kickstarter was occupied with a personal mobility Hoverboard which is topping on the charts exclusively.

Hoverboard Technologies has launched a new personal electric mobility vehicle which really looks awesome as soon as I got my eyes on the images and videos my heart was like it’s so Kawaii. The device is named simply as Hoverboard rather than some fancy name, Hoverboard is equipped with a mono wheel mechanism that is powered by an electric motor.

Hoverboard Kickstarter
Hoverboard is been designed in a unique way to keep the rider safe and steady. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 16mph with a range of 10 miles that too with a single charge. Again, if the battery dies just plug it for 16 minutes and you will be fully charged and ready to roll.

The main concept behind the construction of Hoverboard was to make it user friendly and customizable. That means you can easily upgrade the parts of it and keep it updated with the current version so you don’t feel like you are still using the old version. Easily customizable things include the tires, LCD screens, LED lights and much more. Most important, you can easily connect your Hoverboard with your smartphone and get updates about it regularly with tracking enabled for theft prevention.

That’s a lot of words for now. Dive into the below video and get to know more about the Hoverboard.

The project Hoverboard is now available to back over on the Kickstarter website, aiming to raise around $500,000 within a month to jump into production line. For further information and to back up head over to the kickstarter website via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter