Project Ara Google I/O

On Today’s session (29th may) of Google I/0, Google’s ATAP team displayed a working version of its project Ara modular Smartphone on stage. Rafa Camargo, the engineer was on the stage to show the audience the working version; he was snapping photos from the camera module with the device running with the latest version of Android. Today’s sessions was completely revolving around the brief explanation of where the project’s at, and amazing when you consider the engineering involved in making it work.

A working version of Project ARA prototype was already shown by ATAP before, but this was a version that looked much more like a piece to get sold out easily rather than a developer hardware prototype, and it was the first instant when the company displayed how we can attach and install any module in it. Camera module was installed by the engineer in front of the world and he even took snaps from it.

This can be termed as the most potential looking demonstration of how and what project ARA can offer when dropped in a hand, the major difficulty for the average device user may have been to harness the true power of a modular mobile device with replaceable parts. As per the demonstration we can expect the device to reach our hands as soon as possible, it can be easily termed on the basis of ease of installation process. So that’s really great news for the test planned later on a public launch in Puerto Rico.