Google Glass

Recently a new version of Google Glass has been spotted at the FCC this week. The new version clearly reveals the next generation of Google glass that is project Aura. It’s assumed that they can be a test model that looks like glass that comes under Project Aura.

Its been called that the new rumored enterprise edition of the cancelled consumer augmented reality headset, offers a wide range of improvements When compared to the previous version and is now loaded with a larger display and a foldable hinge mechanism that allows user to transport glasses easily.
Google GlassUnfortunately, Google hasn’t put forward any details or released any kind of documents to support this. Even the launch of the new Google Glass eyewear has not been declared yet so we can’t go with the rumors, but as soon as any news arrives we will be updating you.
Google Glass
If you are looking to grab more information on the latest FCC discovery jump over to the official website via the link below.

Source: 9to5Google : FCC