fun things to do on the internet when bored

Many times happen that you have nothing to do, you’re getting bored and you become a lame person. Then at that time you surf the internet for things to do online, but yet most of them suck.

You will be amazed to know that 50% of people surf the internet for things to do online. You have also even seen your friends, finding fun things to do on the internet and you were thinking that why you hadn’t got those things till now because you wouldn’t have explored even 0.01% of the web yet.

Fun things to do on the internet – Change your spare time into a fun timeFun things to do on the internet

There are some cool apps which you can try to turn your spare time into a fun time. I had made lists of all the apps which are being considered as Fun things to do on the internet, but I think you are not going to do everything because all have different thinking and interest. But be rest assured that you will find some good ideas that will kill your internet boredom FOREVER! Doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager or an old person, this post is for everyone.

Get off Facebook and go do something useful!Try this app to utilize your spare time and make it into a fun and interesting time.You can do these things any time when you were getting bored.

Following are the list of those apps:

1. Dr. Mc Ninja 
If you love reading comics, then you can go through this site. It features the fictional adventures of a character named Dr. McNinja, a thirty-five-year-old doctor who is also a ninja. The comic is published three times a week on the website. It is the very fun things to do on the internet.


2. BigPoint
Still feeling like I am bored what should I do on the internet then go ahead to this site. If you loves playing game and want to play high quality games, then you should try this app, but make sure that you have a good Internet connection And unlimited plan otherwise it will create a lot of problem. With over 300 million registered users and more than 50 online games, they are one of the top gaming portals in the world.


3. Youtube
This is for cooking lover, Surf YouTube and find some good recipes to make In your home. Learn to make some sweet Cakes and muffins.

You tube

4. Duolingo
If you’re thinking to learn a new language something like French, Spanish or else then you should try this. You can learn any language from this app. And I am sure within a short span of days you can learn at least one language. I think this stuff to do on the internet is very valuable.


5. Good Tricks
This app is for magic lover people. If you want to learn some magic tricks and make your friend or relative Surprise by your magic, then you must watch this. Well, I think everybody loves magic and this app will teach you some good tricks Like Street Magic Trick card tricks, etc. This is the bestest things to do when your bored.


6. Meme Generator
This one is a funny app by which you can generate your own meme. Unleash your inner meme at meme generator. You can even search for thousands of meme. I found this one very cool and interesting stuff to do when your bored.


7. Convert to Cartoon
A fun app that lets you try to turn your photo into a cartoon character. You can make a cartoon of yourself. You just simply have to upload your photo, choose an effect and Voila! It is easy and free app.


8. Auto Correct
It is a fun app related to auto correction of our mobile phones which many of us have faced many times while writing some message And which later on put us in an awkward situation. You will die reading this funny auto correction. Here you will get a fresh example of autocorrect humor.

Auto correct

9. Match Your Face
There are many people who look like celebrities And this app is gonna tell you which celebrity you look alike. Just upload your picture And you will get 8 Candidates among celebrities Who look like you And yeah, don’t afraid to find couple of Chinese celebrities because This site is made by Chinese developers.

Face Plus Plus

10. Clever Bot
Well well well this app is an interesting app once, you will try this you will get addicted to this. It is a new way of communicating with bot. Just type any thought you have and you will get a reply But if you don’t have anything in your mind click the Think for me button and the bot will Reply a random question. For a while you will think that you are talking to a real person, but actually it is a bot who gives you a reply.


11. Mood for the Rain
If you are a rain lover and love to hear raindrops then you must try this app. It allows visitors to hear the sound of rain With the motto of rain makes everything better. Well, it’s just a time pass app, or you can say interesting things to do on the internet when bored.

Rainy mood

12. Guinness World Records
Well, it’s not an app, but you can definitely try this. It is the cool things to do on the internet. Find Easiest or simple record, try to break it and make your positions in the World Record Book.

Guinness World Record

13. IQ Test
If you like giving test, then you can try this online IQ test and check your IQ level.

IQ test

14. Stumbleupon
Install Stumbleupon. It’s an amazing things to do when your bored on the internet. You’ll be entertained/addicted for hours.


So, this were some cool and fun things to do on the internet. I hope you would have like reading this article and gonna try some this apps.

Thanks for reading this 🙂