FlipTech Pro Scooter

Have you ever thought of doing cool tricks over the pro scooter that are usually being performed by the skateboards? If you, did they you are on the same level of Michael Bellon who grew this concept into a reality, being a sport enthusiast Mike grew up skateboarding and his passion turned him into an inventor.

Pro Scooter Invention stage

The invention concept and base of FlipTech was laid out in 2013 only when Mike started grinding a bunch of scooters in his garage, Later today it has it landed in Kickstarter to get more exposure and funding. Fliptech scooters have a patented rotating deck which allows the rider to perform several amazing new tricks with ease. It has boosted up the scooting sport to a new level and heights. The company got a huge success when the four-time world champion Dakota Schuetz(professional freestyle pro scooter rider) joined them to beta test and enhance the product quality to make sure it gets ready to roll out.
FlipTech Pro Scooter
The major reason to team up with Dakota Schuetz was to ensure that the product is safe and easy to use. As in any action sport, safety is a major concern. To keep with it FlipTech has developed the scooters with the strongest and most durable product in the market. As per the news and article it clarifies that it uses 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, which is widely used to develop aircraft bodies and Yacht’s.

Check the below video to get more about the product

The company has already spent 2 years and countless hours in testing and confirming every possibility to make FlipTech pro scooter safe and easy to use. So we can be assured of its top notch quality. Be sure to back the campaign and help the concept jump into production.

Source Kickstarter