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fun things to do on the internet when bored

Fun Things To Do On The Internet When Bored

Many times happen that you have nothing to do, you're getting bored and you become a lame person. Then at that time you surf the internet for things to do online,...
best smartphones for gaming

What are the best smartphones for gaming in 2016?

Mobile devices have become a great alternative to PCs and console when it comes to gaming. In a list of popular trends shared by VentureBeat, it mentioned that sales of games...
Best and Longest Battery Life smartphones

Top Smartphones with Best and Longest Battery Life in 2016

Have you ever thought what are you turning into? A Zombie but instead of desire for brains, you are searching for charger point to power your smartphones as it gets turned...
Iron man

Change Your System Into Jarvis Software

Ever wondered while watching Ironman series wish you could also have a Jarvis Software same like Tony Stark. The responsive home screen, the voice response of Jarvis and its look. But,...
cool kitchen gadgets

Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Enough of gadgets that helps men making their lifestyle better. Today we are going to discuss about few genius cool kitchen gadgets that can revolutionize your work experience in your kitchen....
Remix-OS Guide

Getting Started with Custom Android Remix OS on PC

Remix OS is a custom version of Android designed to behave like a desktop OS. At first Jide launched Remix OS in 2015 but at that time it was only available...
phone with best battery life

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Teaser Confirms Phone Longest Battery Life

Xiaomi is all set to release its new smartphone Redmi 3, few days back Xiaomi posted a teaser on Weibo about the launch of this model. The Company has been weighing...
best wireless headphones for tv

Wireless Headphones For TV – A Silent Home and High Quality Listening Combined

Do you need to stay quiet in your home or apartment while watching TV?  Using Wireless Headphones for TV is the perfect solution. If you love watching television late into the night...
How to enable ceramic speaker in lenovo

Lenovo K3 Note Ceramic Music Edition Variant

Did you searched for best android phone under 10000 this year or few months back? If yes then you might have surely got hit with Lenovo K3 Note. It’s one of...
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Predictions

In the market, the most popular Android mobile phone series is the Samsung Note series. Every Android phone lover is waiting eagerly for the release of the next Galaxy Note series,...


New Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablets Pricing Slashed

With the announcement of a wealth associated with additional hardware to the particular Amazon Fire selection this particular week, that include the new child...