Dmail Extension

With Google’s Gmail unsend choice accessible for a most extreme of 30 seconds, it turns into a bit tricky to review or erase an undesirable email that you may have sent by oversight by means of the Gmail service.

Thus another service called Dmail has been made to make it simple to review or erase any email that you may have sent by means of Gmail and wish you hadn’t.

The Dmail Google Chrome web extension gives you an abundance of choices including the capacity to self-destruct the email after you have sent it, with settings to crush it in 60 minutes, day, week or never. Regardless of the possibility that you have chosen the never destroy a Gmail correspondence, despite everything you have the choice to have the capacity to go in and erase the message expelling it from beneficiaries mail box if needed in future.

Also recipients of your emails that have been configured by Dmail, need not have the Chrome extension installed on their system. Instead they are greeted by a message that states “This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below.” 

Dmail is a simple way to send – and more importantly unsend – secure emails directly from your Gmail. Dmail ensures only the intended recipient will be able to read the body of your email. As the sender, you can revoke access to any message sent with Dmail at any time, even after it’s been read. Lastly, anyone can read Dmail, regardless of whether they have the plugin installed, or even use Gmail.

For more information on the useful Dmail Chrome extension jump over to the official website for more details and links to be able to download it.


Source: Tech Crunch


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