DIY Wolverine Claws

Recently a new electronic sensor called Myoware has showed its presence over Kickstarter crowd funding website, It has been designed in a way to look same as like Wolverine claws that can be controlled by simple flexing your muscles.

Founder Brian Kaminski, who is still in his college, says for his senior design project his team set out to build a myoelectric rehabilitation glove. Soon they found out that they have to spend huge amount to build the EMG sensor, Medical grade system and few more things. Frustrated and short on time, they gave up on this project but Brian’s interest in that matter grew up with time. After finishing the graduation he still have that idea in mind but failed a few times but after continuous efforts in 2010, Brian decided to take his effort to bring myoelectric technology to a step further and started selling assembled circuit boards of his sensors. Now after four year and over 5,000 sensors later, Advanced Technologies is launching their 4th generation sensor.

The DIY claws have been created using the innovative Myoware muscle sensor platform that is also compatible with adruino allowing users to expand its uses.

Check out the below video to learn more about it.

“The Myoware measures muscle activity through the electric potential of the human muscle, which is commonly referred to as electromyography (or EMG in Short). Electromyography basically is a diagnostic method to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them. When your brain tells your muscles to flex, it sends an electrical signal to start recruiting motor units.

The harder you flex, the more motor units are recruited to generate greater muscle force. The greater teh number of motor units, the more the electrical activity of your muscle increases. The Myoware will analyze this electrical activity and outputs an analog signal that represents how hard the muscle is being flexed.”

DIY Wolverine Claws

Are you interested in building your own Claws? Then we have a good news for you company behind this claws “Advancer Technologies” plans to release a tutorial in few weeks, though they are commenting to releasing it immediately as soon as their Kickstarter campaign surpasses $20k. It has almost reached $18k while writing this article so this seems feasible.

Source: Kickstarter