Star Wars have a new great news, recently new DIY Star Wars helmets have been introduced which are capable of translating your normal voice into droid in real-time. Quite fascinating isn’t it, lets dive more into these helmets.

These helmets uses a little magic to process the droid voices. As soon as you start speaking whilst wearing the droid helmets, your voices automatically changes into droid which makes you appear like a droid infront of spectator. Few videos have already been rolled out to show the droid helmet in action and clarifying the magic behind the whole illusion.

Now to burst the bubbles a little before you get too excited, they aren’t actually translating anything. Basically the helmets have walkies talkies built in, so two people wearing it can easily understand the normal English. But the helmet user speaks, a sensor in the helmet notices you speaking and starts broadcasting a random pre-built droid speech for everyone else around you. More over there’s no such thing as complete droid speech yet invented.

Here’s what the creator of DIY Droid Helmets says about the products with some of the limitation and features as well as the complete magic behind it.

– The helmets sense when you are talking and emit “Droid” instead.
– Your voice is picked up with a Laryngophone (throat mic) which is not only immune to ambient sounds (since it doesn’t use sound waves) but it works even if you speak very quietly. When you speak quietly from behind the helmet, no one hears your actual voice.
– The helmets transmit your actual voice on the sly to the other helmet(s).
– The receiving helmet(s) play your actual voice directly into the ear, so no one else hears.
– The RGB LEDs embedded into the helmets aren’t just cosmetic – they represent specific activity and status reports.
– The helmets use wi-fi to coordinate with each other (communicating status to each other, establishing transmission right-of-way, and so on.)

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