Samsung Galaxy Note6

There’s a good news for Samsung fans who are residents of the UK as the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be landing in the UK later this year. Samsung has not launched its previous model that is Galaxy5 in the UK although you can purchase it with the third party retailers in the UK as it has never launched with any of the mobile carriers.

But this year, Samsung has decided to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 in the UK. The handset is expected to launch in some months. They decided to launch the Galaxy Note 6 instead of Galaxy S7 Edge+ in the UK.

Samsung Galaxy
In coming months Samsung will announce their Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge at Mobile World Congress. They yet haven’t decided to launch the S7 Edge+ but some rumors arrived that they are launching but it is expected to come later.

Well, the Samsung lovers will be pleased to Know that the company is bringing the new Note 6 to the UK. A strange thing is that why the company decide not to launch the Note 5 in the UK, as the device has been a popular handset, this question is triggering my mind.

The handset is expected to be announced at the end of the summer. And we will give you guys an update about this handset as soon as we hear some more details about this.

Source TechRadar