watchOS 2.1

This Tuesday Apple has rolled out a new update for the Apple watch, the update was made just after the release of IOS 9.1. The current update to apple watch comes in the form of watchOS 2.1 and is a free update, Users can easily upgrade to this update just by launching the Watch app on their iPhone, then tapping General > Software Update.

Make sure the update is of around 57mb in size so try not upgrading when you are short in time as it takes to configure things properly. The current update stats to resolve many fixes and brings couple of performance improvements.
watchOS 2.1
The major update was to include support for many different languages requested by the users with the fixes done in the calendar complication. Besides these with the new update your watch will support right-to-left user interface which was lacking.

Also the main bug that was reported was with the third party app launching which has been squashed and power reverse mode has been modified to increase the battery life of the watch.

To know more about the fixes and updates you can check out the official support thread at Apple Security Updates

Source Mac Observer