Thanks for taking your time, I am really glad that you showed your deep interest in checking my website. GadgetMeetsGuy was started with a solely purpose to portray latest and upcoming crazy gizmos/gadgets. The blog usually includes the latest products with reviews of the upcoming gadgets listed over crowd funding websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and much more. We are really glad that we have been contacted by many companies to write up a little about their products which show how much influence we are gaining around the globe.

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Woahh!! A complete section about me. Hi Its Ashutosh Mishra, 21 year old graduate who has a huge crush upon gadgets, anime and video games. I started this blog at around February 2015 but at that time was not fully sure what to write and how to write slowly and slowly things panned out properly and now i think website is completely stable and rocking. Drop me a mail if you wish to get something listed on my blog and we will work on it.

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